Here you can dowload the slides and the posters of the conference

Pre-conference Workshop
Biodiversity Conservation: the Plant and Pollinator perspectives to enhance ecosystem services

International Meeting on Plant Reproduction

1st and 2nd Symposia: “Reproductive barriers in plants: male-sterility and self-incompatibility” and “Reproductive modes in plants: sexuality vs. apomixis”
Organizer/Chairman: Stefano Del Duca – University of Bologna, Italy Giulio Galla – University of Padua, Italy

3rd Symposium: “Nectar: plant interface for interactions with biotic environment”
Massimo Nepi – University of Siena, Italy

4th Symposium: “Plant mating and animal pollination: a complex natural system”
Marta Galloni – University of Bologna, Italy
Laura Bortolotti – CRA-API Bologna, Italy

Poster Session