PP-ICON / Plant-Pollinator Integrated CONservation approach: a demonstrative proposal – LIFE09/NAT/IT000212

Action C.2 2014

  • author: Francesco Bisognin
  • Thursday 12 June 2014

March 2014

The set up of the Beehotels has been completed.


Hollow bricks filled with soil and clay were added for digger bees. At the base of one of the Beehotels an area with no vegetation was prepared and filled with sand and soil, for ground nesting Apoidea (sweat bees, mining bees). Gastropod empty shells, used as nesting sites by some Megachilidae species, were placed on the ground.


For the first time nesting carpenter bees (Xylocopa violacea) were observed in one of our Beehotel.



06 June 2014


During Beehotels monitoring it has been observed a typical bee nest competitor, the wasp Isodontia Mexicana, also called “cricket-hunter wasp” or “grass-carrying wasp”.